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April 2014
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Chelsea suffer from not taking ref reviews seriously; Telegraph ignores history and reality.

By Tony Attwood

Doing research and taking note of the information that is available to you, is part of the job if you are going to comment. Whether you are a manager, a blogger, a pundit or a journalist, knowing a little bit about the game is helpful. As is reading the research that others [...]

What are they smoking at FA headquarters?

By Walter Broeckx

When looking at the way Arsenal filled up Wembley for a very big part I really couldn’t understand the decision from the FA to only give some 25.000 ticket to Arsenal. I don’t know how many tickets will be given to Hull but I can imagine that this will be the same [...]

Hull, advertising boards, Poldi brace, Özil back, and some nice football

By Walter Broeckx

The starting line up had a few changes compared to the West Ham United match. Vermaelen had to be withdrawn as he got a hamstring injury shortly before the match. Monreal came in at left back. And as he has been criticized a lot lately I just want to say he had [...]

Emirates Stadium fears Anchovy invasion


By Billy ‘the dog’ McGraw.

Head of Security, emirates stadium

Much has been made of the fact that the security services that run the Emirates Stadium – our stadium of choice – failed utterly to prevent some Tottenham fans throwing coins and other objects at ambulance men, while also failing to stop supporters of [...]

Thierry Henry vs Olivier Giroud. What’s the difference?

By Tony Attwood

All goals count. Tap ins, and lobs from inside your own half, they all just count as one goal.

Which is why it is always worth considering the total number of goals your centre forward scores.

But we also know that it takes a bit of time for newly purchased centre forwards [...]

Hull v Arsenal 20 April 2014 – The Match Officials

Hull v Arsenal 20 April 2014 – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw


Referee – Jonathan Moss Assistants – S Long & J Flynn Fourth Official – K Friend


I don’t know; we wait all season for Kevin Friend then get him twice in a week – this time as fourth official.

It [...]

Podolski: winger, striker or…

By Walter Broeckx

Despite me not being the tactical wizard that will give you all the pro’s and the con’s of a 4-4-2 compared to a 3-5-2 or a 4-5-1 formation I do like to throw a stone in the water from time to time and give you something to think about.

I want to [...]

As the Independent name Ozil as one of the worst buys of the year…

By Walter Broeckx

The way the media has been trying to give Özil a failure tag is amazing. After Arsenal had stunned the whole world that they had been able to sign him they had to stop the mantra they had been using for the last years: Arsenal (and Wenger of course) doesn’t want to [...]

Sorry we went awol – but we did publish…

Untold has been away for quite a while – but we are back again, and each time we come back we tighten our security more and more and more and more and… well you get the idea.

During our down time we published

Instant judgement is not the best way to view football: we need [...]

Who pays players the most? Well, gone on… guess…

The fifth Global Sports Salaries Survey tells us the answer, and as you almost certainly said, it is Manchester City. The average member of the first team gets by on an income of £5.3m a year. Which explains why Uefa has this week got a bit miffed about the way Man C has responded [...]

Loan contracts cannot be restrictive. Uefa ups its game.

Whisper it quietly and carefully, but it seems as if something is stirring within Uefa and Fifa.

This isn’t to say that they are transformed and reformed, and they are still intent on trading with the Slave State of Qatar, but there have been moves.

First the banning of Barcelona from making transfers, then the [...]

Arsenal v West Ham. Having fun and reclaiming our club for us.

By Tony Attwood

My perception of noise in the emirates stadium is always a bit biased because I sit in the north bank – the noisiest part of the stadium. But I sit in the upper tier, which traditionally is less vocal, so that bias is reduced a little. What’s more I sit above Red [...]

Arsenal – West Ham, business as usual

By Walter Broeckx

After having played a long semi final on Saturday evening the main question would be how the legs would react to the fatigue. So it was no real surprise to see a lot of changes in the team. Half the team to be exact.

Gibbs wasn’t even on the bench after having [...]

Arsenal v WHU: a journey in interesting times

Another day, another match.

Emma, Drew and I have decided to extend our trip to London a little for this one, going first to the British Museum to see the Vikings before taking in the game which should be pleasant indeed, not least because it gives me another chance to bore everyone stupid with [...]

Arsenal v West Ham United Tuesday 15 April – The Match Officials

Arsenal v West Ham United Tuesday 15 April – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw

Referee – Kevin Friend Assistants – H Lennard and M Wilkes Fourth Official – C Foy

Here’s a change a first timer for us this year and with only five games to go in the season.

Mr Friend was born [...]

Starving of thurst in the middle of London

By Walter Broeckx

As I wrote in my article that you might have read a few days ago if you have been able to enter the site as it has been going on and off line at an amazing rhythm…. Even I don’t know when I will be able to read something, and as for [...]

Wigan – Arsenal a view from the stands

If you’ve been trying to access Untold since last saturday you will know that the site has been down more than up. We’ve had a team working on the problems and we’re back – at least for now. But if we vanish again, do keep an eye on us on Twitter, and on the history [...]

Season tickets: a comparison of renewals

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal, as is well known, has a waiting list for season tickets and silver memberships. It is hard to say exactly how long the season ticket waiting list is, but it is still quite a few years long. The silver membership waiting list is so long that for many red members the [...]

A million apologies, a million fingers crossed

I am very sorry indeed that Untold has been up and down like… well you know what like.

We’re now back up again and I’ll post a piece in a moment. But please accept my apologies. You can’t begin to imagine how frustrating this has been for me.


Fatboy gets angry about not knowing Arsenal Reserves. I get angy over empty seats.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal Reserves 1 Wigan Athletic 1 (4-2 on pens).

We’ve seen Arsenal Reserves labour before against more modest opposition, and of course everyone jumps on the bandwagon, doing the usual stuff about how poor Arsenal is, without actually bringing much in the way of new analysis to the situation.

And that situation [...]

Arsenal v Wigan: the journey

By Tony Attwood

My trip to Wembley starts at noon; I think Walter started at around 4am. One stop in Northampton to meet up with Drew, then we drive to Harrow (or somewhere odd like that) to meet up with Ian and his sons, and then the tube on to Wembley where maybe, if we [...]

Wembley, blasphemy, a child’s dream come true

By Walter Broeckx

One day to go. One day to go before I will be in London again.

One day to go before I lose another virginity. This time it will be about watching a match at Wembley. The second time I lose some kind of virginity this season. The other was just a few [...]

All they want is the Harlem Globetrotters

By Tony Attwood

“Many fans will only remember success because that’s the only reason they started supporting them in the first place.”

That comment came from Phil Banyard of Nottingham Trent University who has studied the psychological effects of failure among fans. He continued…

“It’s not much different to watching the Harlem Globetrotters – you [...]

FA Cup semi-finals – The match Officials

FA Cup semi-finals – The match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Saturday 12 April kick off 17:07 Wigan Athletic v Arsenal

Referee – Michael Oliver Assistants – Stuart Burt and Darren England Fourth Official – Craig Pawson Reserve Assistant – John Brooks

Sunday 13 April kick off 16:07 Hull City v Sheffield United

Referee – Andre [...]

What’s in a name? What’s in a colour? Arsenal’s 27th FA Cup semi.

A pre-semi-final ramble over a variety of subjects of minor importance, but which pass the time.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal, as you will know if you read the Arsenal History blog, has had five different names in its history. Dial Square (or possibly Dial Square Cricket Club – it’s not clear given there’s no original [...]