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Untold Fans

Untold Fans – our commentaries on Arsenal supporters.


Untold Fans is part of “Untold Arsenal”– an ever growing collection of articles and comment on numerous aspects of football from a pro-Arsenal perspective.  A list of other sections within Untold Arsenal is given at the end of this page, and on the home page of the site.



Others see it, so why can’t all Arsenal supporters see it?

It’s now in our hands. Shame about the attack. And defence.

Sit down or we’ll reduce your number of tickets. Us v the villains

Untold twutter week round up


Everyone is somewhere most of the time, and dancing with Elaine

Which club has the right relationship between management and fans?


I’ve been supporting Arsenal for 27 years and,…

Understanding the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal

Clubs should be responsible for their own supporters

Why does AST talk of failure in the future?

  • The Robin Double: What it means for the player, Mr Wenger and the club.
  • Awards Time: Robin wins, you can create your own award, and we announce our series

Supporting Arsenal from Kosovo: how overseas supporters choose their club

Being there: conversations at the game on Villa, Liverpool, Tottenham, the coffee and racism

” Nowadays Tottenham are better than us: simple as that” and other fun stories

What would happen if Mr Wenger left?

Rangers fans show Arsenal fans how it really ought to be


How the doom mongers prefer the invented statistics


Supporters and clubs: Liverpool and the League have only themselves to blame for the current trouble

FANS: What’s it like to feel so negative all the time?

Manna for conspiracy theorists

 Let’s fight and support the fight
Misplaced misery of the doom laden supporters

Blame 101 – a quick course in prejudice for the AAA

Arsenal FC take note of what we say, and that feels good

Why it is dumb to moan too much

Why Arsene at Arsenal – a fan’s view

The biggest problem with many Arsenal bloggers is they don’t have a winning mentality

Gooners vs Goners

From Woolwich Arsenal to Ignasi Miquel. Be a partizan, but smile at the same time

Don ‘t worry, be happy

Being an Arsenalholic

Can Arsenal confirm 60,000 new signings?

Tottenham, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and a lack of action

Heard the one about the EPL team with NO blogs?

Snooping around the league table as we move into the second half of the season

Supporting Arsenal in the land of cricket

Untold’s Letter to Father Christmas, and finally the truth about the AAA

Snooping around the Sky Blue blogs

Snooping around nude Cuban football hotties on the beach

You are only as good as the last five seconds

Snooping around the Spu#s blogs

We need three new players now – just spend the money

Snooping Around the Footballing Backwaters: No 93 – Stamford Bridge

What exactly are Man IOU fans saying at the moment?

Talking with hindsight; the curse of the supporter who always knows better

Benelux goes to the Ems and gets an apology from Arsenal

Despite predictions to the contrary, Arsenal support is growing and growing

Arsenal Independent Supporters Assn has UEFA top man as guest at the forthcoming AGM

Racism among anti-Arsenal Arsenal supporters

Lord of the Lies: an allegorical tale

Forgive? Yes.  But with supporters there is still a limit

What makes a good supporter?  Following comments on this site it is time to find out

A real supporter gets behind the team


Untold Arsenal – the (fairly) complete index


Write for Untold Arsenal

We really do welcome writers who have a positive view of the Wenger revolution, or who have something new to say about any of the topics that we regularly cover – all listed above.  Just email your idea to or send in the whole article as a Word file attached to an email.

Making the Arsenal

Full details of the novel which tells the story of Arsenal’s collapse and birth as a new club in 1910.  Details here. A new book on Woolwich Arsenal FC is in preparation.